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Where to find WPS Pin on Canon printer?

Several tech companies are using Canon printers to ensure hassle-free printing round the clock. As we all know that Canon is one such brand that has developed different gadgets, machines, and accessories that serve a lot of purposes and make our day-to-day lives easier. Canon printers come in different types serving a wide range of printing needs of the user. So, if you also have a Canon printer in your house or office and you wish to connect it wirelessly, then you must find WPS PIN on Canon printer.

find WPS Pin on Canon printer

If you do not know what a WPS Pin is and how you can use it to connect your printer to a wireless network, then this guide is surely going to help you in your pursuit.

What is the WPS PIN?

Well, WPS or wi-fi protected setup is a technology that helps printer and the device connect or communicate with each other. Whenever you try to establish a connection between these two devices you are prompted to enter the WPS PIN. As soon as you enter this PIN, the connectivity takes place and you can go ahead with the printing task. However, several people find it difficult to find WPS PIN on Canon printer.

So, below we shall tell you how you can find this PIN on your device.

Quick steps to find WPS PIN on canon printer

The WPS PIN for any printer appears on the printer screen whenever you initiate the setup process via canon.com/ijsetup. So, here is a stepwise guide that would help you in finding it out:

  1. To begin with, press the “Setup” button on your printer
  2. Now, go to the “Setup menu” and select the “Wi-Fi Setup” option
  3. To select it, you might need to press the “OK” option
  4. Now, using the right arrow key, select the “Other setup” option
  5. Again, to choose this option, you have to choose the “OK” option
  6. Next up, press the right arrow again and choose the “WPS PIN Code option pressing the “OK” option
  7. Now, wait for the process to complete
  8. Your screen will now show the WPS PIN on your screen
  9. Make sure to note this code down as you will need it in the future
  10. Now, you have to enter this code into your router’s setup
  11. You must press the “OK” option once the connection has been established.

This is how you find WPS PIN on canon printer. If you faced challenges while finding out the printer’s WPS PIN, then you can repeat the same process once again to establish the connection.


After going through the article given here, it must be clear to you that how you can find the WPS PIN on your printer. The process altogether was quite easy and required you to follow a few simple steps. All you need to do is complete the setup during which would help you in finding out the WPS PIN.

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