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Fix- canon mx490 won’t connect to wifi

Printers have clearly become an essential part of the work desk nowadays, this is due to people who need to print down the documents and it needs the right printer that works for you with an uninterrupted wifi connection. So, if you are using the Canon printer and struggling with the issue where you see canon mx490 won’t connect to wifi then this article will surely help you. Through this article, you will learn the basic 7 methods to fix connectivity issues. So, let us begin and learn more about this common issue or error.

canon mx490 won't connect to wifi

Notable 7 methods to fix the wifi connectivity issues or errors

  1. Cable connection: The moment wifi is not getting connected with the Canon printer then you can try to use the cable connections. This will ensure that there is no wifi signal interference that is causing the connection issues.
  2. Weak signals: There is a chance of having weak signals in the wifi network. This is just because the printer needs a strong wifi signal to work efficiently. All you need is to reboot the internet router because it can refresh the internet connection and it will then increase the chances for a strong wifi signal.
  3. Change the position of the router: Usually, the printer has a hard time connecting to the wifi network when the router and the printer are places too far away from each other. All you need is to change the location of the router and printer. This is because when the router is the printers are placed together with them it is impossible to face errors like canon mx490 won’t connect to wifi.
  4. Printer queue: If you still see the canon mx490 won’t connect to wifi error then there are chances that the print jobs might be stuck in the queue. This is only because of the large-sized document that takes a long time to download and process. So, you need to consider that if the printer is working with the large-sized files then it should have an uninterrupted connection.
  5. Reboot: The moment we talk about the reboot process, then it is very much clear that you have to reboot the printer as well as the wifi router. For rebooting the printer in use and to fix the canon mx490 won’t connect to wifi error you need to unplug the printer device from the power source again. In many cases, rebooting the printer can easily fix this sort of issue.
  6. Firmware: The canon printer can easily roll out the updates for their respective printers that is why they address the issues and the bugs, irrespective of the connectivity issues. So you need to sign up on the Canon printer website and look for the firmware system. If you can find the firmware update on the website for a specific Canon printer model, then you need to download and install the same into the system. Once the firmware update is easily downloaded for the printer, then you can easily reboot the printer and fix the canon mx490 won’t connect to wifi error.
  7. Reset: This is the last and one of the most powerful options that you need to try if all the methods get fail. This is because the option to reset the printer will clear the settings such as wifi connection information. The reset instructions of the printer may vary with every model and the brand you own.

In a conclusive viewpoint: 

By the end of this topic, we hope that these 7 methods to fix canon mx490 won’t connect to wifi have helped you. However, if you are still stuck with the issue then you are recommended to visit the canon.com/ijsetup section on the Customer support website to fix the error with the help of professionals. On the website, you will get assistance from professional experts and technicians to provide you solutions and fixes for the issues and concerns you have related to the error.

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